Common Language

The driving force pushing MitraStar forward comes from the clear goals and strong beliefs we share. They consolidate like-minded MitraStarers to establish the solid foundation for continuous evolution and progress.
These beliefs are:

Be Brave

Be brave to face challenges and take accountability for success


Fully commit yourself and trust others to do the same

Create customer value

Create customer perceived value with aggressive innovation

The compass indicator reminds us to be brave to adventure. It also helps us keep moving forward and going in the same direction.

Mitrastar members trusting and supporting each other is like giving wings to a tiger, so we help each other to reach a higher level.

A star represents our focus on innovating to create exceptional value for our customers.

Fully internalizing our common language to "Be Brave", "Trust", and "Create Customer Value" helps make MitraStar a bright and powerful star in the networking industry!


  1. Creates win-win situations with sincerity.
  1. Find customer values with success as our rewards.
  1. Customer complaints are the best gift to us.
  1. Answers to bigger questions create more values.
  1. Never give up in the second half.
  1. Consider more for others in long journeys.
  1. Support each other like tightly connected roots.
  1. Pursue dreams with persistent courage.
  1. Are you a strong lobster or a shell-finding hermit crab?
  1. Courage creates self-esteem.
  1. Learn about teamwork from wild geese.
  1. Uphold the company culture of mutual trust.
  1. Believe the power of confidence.
  1. Common Language activity video.