2013 08/26
MitraStar Presents 4G LTE Solutions at Cross Strait Telecom Conference

MitraStar Technology, the world leader of networking DMS industry, unveiled several leading-edge 4G LTE network solutions in the 2013 Cross Strait Telecom Conference taking place from August 26th to 27th in Taichung, Taiwan.

Following the conference, Taiwan and mainland China’s leading telecom carriers gave optimistic outlooks on the prospects of the planned cross-strait 5G network while commending Taiwanese and mainland authorities in resolving and realizing the upcoming collaborative network based on the Time-Division Long-Term Evolution (TD-LTE) communication technology.

MitraStar provides professional DMS services for Long Term Evolution (LTE) User Equipment (UE) and enables customers to complete its full LTE UE product portfolio. The products range from LTE Modules, LTE Portable Routers, Indoor LTE Routers, Indoor LTE WiFi Gateways and Outdoor LTE Gateways.

Outdoor LTE Gateway (M4G-391M1W-B38)
The M4G-391M1W-B38 comes with an integrated antenna and the built-in buzzer enables the users to adjust the antenna’s direction and position correctly and easily. The outdoor design makes it possible to work in near non-light-of-sight locations with improved coverage and bandwidth that eliminates most dead spots.

Indoor LTE Router (M4G-291M1W-B38)
The router features a SIP-based VoIP port that enables service operators to provide cost-effective voice services with the best price performance ratio.

LTE Portable Router (M4G-791-B38)
The M4G-791-B38 allows up to 10 devices to establish Wi-Fi connection for sharing the LTE broadband Internet access. The easy-to-carry “business card” design is perfect for mobile users to carry around conveniently. Without operator assistance, the M4G-791-B38 can be easily configured by end users taking advantage of the OLED Panel that shows the LTE radio signal strength and battery status.

LTE Module (M4G-631S)
Embedded LTE modules can be easily integrated into LTE gateways, routers and portable devices via the mini PCIe interface. The ability to interchange modules from different bands enables customers to get the products into different regional markets faster.

LTE 室外型終端 (M4G-391M1W-B38) LTE 室內型終端 (M4G-291M1W-B38)
LTE 可攜式行動路由器 (M4G-791-B38) LTE 模組 (M4G-631S)